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Marvel took Thanos from a genius to a total jerk


Thanos, who in the past has outwitted some of the most intelligent creatures in the universe, was completely defeated by the Eternal Druig with a simple trick.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Eternals #12

Marvel Comics just released Thanos look like a total jerk. In Eternals #12the Mad Titan, who in the past has outwitted some of the smartest creatures in the universe, has been utterly defeated by the Eternal Druig with a simple trick.

Thanos’ most recent storyline saw him resurrected by the Eternal Phastos to be used as a tool in his machinations. Thanos, however, killed first Phastos and then the Eternal’s leader, Zuras, making Thanos the new Eternal Prime, planning to merge with the Machine – the Eternal device that regulates natural phenomena on Earth – and destroy the planet. Thanos also recruited the treacherous Druig to help with his plan, brainwashing him into forgetting how to activate a failsafe Phastos put inside Thanos to kill him if he went rogue. With the help of Druig, Thanos discovers the truth about his ancestor, Uranos, and the weapons of mass destruction he had hidden.


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In Eternals #12, by Kieron Gillen, Esad Ribic, and Matthew Wilson, Thanos finally decides he has no business on Earth anymore and activates Eternal Uranos’ doomsday device. However, he is then immediately consumed by his Deviant Cells which go rogue. Druig, in fact, programmed the Machine to trigger Phastos’ failsafe in case someone activated Uranos’ weapons, as a safety precaution in case Thanos wiped his mind.

It’s a rather anti-climactic conclusion to Gillen’s first story arc on Eternals. Thanos taking control of the powerful race of immortal beings and their advanced technology was an interesting and frightening development, one that could spell disaster for Earth. However, despite the long buildup, it was all resolved with Druig’s cunning trick, but it doesn’t make sense that Thanos was so easily outwitted. In the past, he entered into a battle of wits with some of the smartest and most cunning creatures in the universe, including Grandmaster and Demon Lord Mephisto, and Thanos always emerged victorious. Thanos even had Mephisto work for him for a while. In The infinity finale graphic novel, Thanos successfully negotiates with the One-Above-All, the supreme being of the entire multiverse, convincing them to recreate reality after Adam Warlock inadvertently destroys all that exists. During Infinity Gauntlet and his many other attempts to achieve absolute power, Thanos has proven that his plans almost never fail and he always thinks of all possibilities beforehand.

Because Thanos even outwitted God, it makes no sense for him to fall for Druig’s deception. Marvel Comics’ handling of Thanos has been controversial in recent years. The cunning and contemplative side of the Mad Titan has mostly been overshadowed by depictions that focus on his bloodlust and desire for destruction. Gillen’s Eternals was a breath of fresh air as it once again gave readers a nuanced look Thanos who’s a fighter as much as a schemer, but the story’s conclusion doesn’t do justice to the Mad Titan and his unrivaled intellect.

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