Home book seller ‘Maus’ is back on bestseller lists after being banned from a Tennessee school district

‘Maus’ is back on bestseller lists after being banned from a Tennessee school district

Hardcover edition of ‘The Complete Maus,’ which includes parts one and two of Art Spiegelman’s opus, tops Amazon’s list of best-selling books, holding slots No. 1 and No. 2 at different times on Monday morning. The first and second parts of “Maus” occupy the third and ninth places respectively on the bestseller list.
(At the time of publication, “Maus” has not appeared on the Amazon Charts, the site’s weekly list of the most read and best-selling books through the platform. The bestseller list that CNN cites is updated hourly.)
“Maus,” originally serialized and then published in two volumes in 1986 and 1992, is a blend of historical fiction and memoir that follows Spiegelman’s Jewish parents in 1940s Poland, from their early experiences with anti-Semitism to their internment in Auschwitz. He depicts Jews as mice and Nazis as cats.

Spiegelman told CNN last week that he was still trying to “loop [his] brain around” ban.

“I think they’re so myopic in their focus and so afraid of what’s being implied and having to defend the decision to teach ‘Maus’ on the program that it’s led to that kind of myopic response daffily,” he said. on CNN’s “New Day.”

Banning the teaching of books in schools can lead readers to search for the book in droves. Angie Thomas, author of ‘The Hate U Give,’ an acclaimed novel about a black teenager who witnesses the murder of her childhood best friend at the hands of the police, said last year that after a The Texas school district banned the novel schools in 2017, residents bought “tens of thousands of copies in one week in this same neighborhood”.
Controversy can also cause readers to revisit other works by an author. After Dr. Seuss Enterprises announced that six books by the iconic children’s author would no longer be published due to their offensive content, a slew of Dr. Seuss titles surged to the top of Amazon’s Best Sellers list. . (Notably, none of the discontinued books were top sellers.)

CNN’s Chris Boyette contributed to this report.