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MMC professor helps students shine with two new publications • Psychology • Marymount Manhattan College

  • Dr. Nava Silton

Nava Silton, Ph.D., professor of psychology and director of the Center for Health and Human Development at Marymount Manhattan, celebrates the recent publication of two new books, one of which includes nine MMC students as contributors!

In July, Silton released the graphic novel Facts: The Mental Health Edition, a series designed for ages 11 to 15 that explores mental health issues. The book is a sequel to his award-winning comic book collection Realities: the Omnibuswhich follows a group of children with visible and invisible disabilities on thrilling adventures.

Both series “teach about disabilities and mental health issues in an authentic way, but also in a way that would make typical developing children more interested in interacting with and getting to know children of varying abilities,” Silton said. Both titles received five-star reviews from critics.

Earlier this summer, she also released her seventh manual, The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the development of children, adolescents and adults. It explores how the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted people with disabilities and affected schooling, relationships, and mental, physical, and developmental health.

The books are part of several multi-media health and human development projects Silton has in the works, including content for stage and screen that has been picked up by LeVar Burton Entertainment and The Jim Henson Company.

MMC students have helped her throughout her journey, supporting her research and quality control efforts. “With the comics, we did pre-testing and post-testing to make sure we were improving children’s intentions, knowledge and attitudes towards children with disabilities,” Silton said.

Along with the textbook, Silton gave students in his classes the ability to write entire chapters. The list of MMC contributors published in the book includes Emily Angelillo ’22, Brianna Blackwell ’21, Ingrid Brussier ’21, Regina Colie ’21, Amanda Hall ’21, Manuella Hounton ’21, Ariana Lopez ’21, Alexandra McClellan ’22, and Justin Vrana ’21.

“I love it when Marymount Manhattan students post before they leave us,” Silton said. “That way, when they pursue higher education, they have a real feather in their cap. It is important to me to promote our students in every way possible.