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Montclair Rent Control Is Proof We Can Make a Difference (Letter to the Editor)


I started the Montclair Tenant Organization to fulfill one of my late mother’s last wishes for me. Unbeknownst to many beside my expression, this was the main reason for my involvement in this movement.

After more than 30 years of failure, our group’s efforts have brought rent control to Montclair for the first time in its history. It just proves that it only takes one – one to rise up and attract other people who believe in the cause and are willing, as Toni Martin, our First Vice President would say, “to be a bird.” rare “.

I would like to thank those who first approached me for assistance during the April 11, 2019 Rent Control Forum: Dr. Manuel Brown, Reverend Safiya Oni Brown (also Founders), Mitch Kahn of the New Jersey Tenant Organization, Jacob, Reverend Leslie Houseworth Fields, Jean and Peter, Alain, James, and Pluchet.

Over months of public meetings, we continued to grow until that incredible day in September 2019 in what was once Crazy Mocha. Brenda and Tanisha said they had had enough and were ready, confident and ready to attend board meetings in person. We all rejoiced and carried on. There are so many details and encounters, milestones to mention that this could be a book of chapters.

I would like to thank Mr. William Scott for providing many basic tips and pieces of the puzzle. I would like to thank the clergy of Montclair TOOM members who stayed engaged during our first briefing and took action that moved us forward at what seemed like lightening speed. Of course, the Mayor and Council of Montclair Township held their ground and kept up the pace, so we are grateful to them. I would like to assure the community that the organization of Montclair tenants will continue. We will still offer monthly meetings to join, and I and other leaders will continue to train those who wish to take a more active role. We represent multiple generations and the diversity that is expected of Montclair and will continue to do so. Montclair wins with rent control.

Ahava Felicidad
President, Montclair Tenant Organization

Editor’s note: The author of this letter did not know the surnames of some of the people quoted.

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