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My search for the perfect waffle



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Recently I have had a craving for waffles. This is not normal for me – I much prefer salty foods in the morning – and I think it stems from a conversation I had with colleagues about our everyone’s favorite hotel breakfasts. the temperature. Honestly, there isn’t much I love more than the breakfast buffet at an international hotel. Among the highlights for me are Paris, where I have had the best yogurt of my life; Singapore, where our hotel had a congee bar and all kinds of noodles; Dubai, where the variety was so astounding that I couldn’t choose a favorite dish; and Amritsar, where piping hot parathas were made to order and stuffed with our choice of spicy topping. But the image that stuck in my mind after that Slack conversation is a perfect plate of waffles, which I can imagine so clearly that it almost looks like a stock image rather than an actual dish.

Here’s what I imagine: two thick waffle wedges stacked and dusted with sugar, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, topped with a melting pat of butter, topped with a few berries and served with a small pitcher of Maple syrup. Chances are you ordered that exact plate at a brunch spot, right? It is emblematic. It’s everywhere. But I can’t remember the last time I ordered some sort of waffle – outside, of course, the nightly Waffle House tours – and once I realized that, I failed to make them. get out of my head.

So – surprise! – I decided I had to do it. I researched the BA and Epicurious archives, starting with Epi associate editor Joe Sevier dive deep into making crispy waffles and this big waffle iron review. On Bon Appétit we have all kinds of recipes, from whole wheat oatmeal sweet waffles, strawberry syrup corn waffles and chocolate buckwheat waffles to savory baked potato waffles and (! ) Tex-Mex waffle nachos. In the October issue, we have a great recipe from Chef Woldy Reyes for rice flour bibingka waffles that I can’t wait to try. If you have a favorite recipe I’d love to hear it: I’m [email protected]

Here are a few other things I like: