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Netflix presents The Guilty, a new thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal



Next Friday, Netflix will release a new movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal. It is a remake of the Danish film from 2018.


© NetflixGyllenhaal is in virtually every frame of the film.

For those who can’t resist missing a Jake gyllenhaal there is a date marked for a certain time in their calendars. Next Friday, October 1 Netflix will be the first Guilty, a film directed by the actor of Enemy which was shot entirely during a pandemic and made the most of its limited possibilities. It is the remake of a Danish film from 2018.

At Guilty, Jake gyllenhaal is a Los Angeles police officer who works as a 911 operator amid the devastating wildfires that have ravaged the American city. As soon as the movie starts, Joe (Gyllenhaal) seems completely emotionally fractured, but does her best to remain stoic with every call that comes into her phone line.

Suddenly a mysterious call from a girl named Emilie (Riley keough) seems to present itself as the perfect opportunity to redeem yourself. From now on, any description will ruin the experience of this great thriller directed by Antoine Fuqua where, with the exception of a few transitions, the entire movie has Gyllenhaal in front of the camera.

The actor of Donnie Darko He brings out his brilliant acting skills and conveys all kinds of emotions throughout the hour and a half of footage. The same way as Alexander Aja was done with OxygenThe culprit goes out of his way to make the most of his reduced settings, which at no time seem redundant and prevent taking their eyes off the protagonist of this story.

Jake’s next job will be with The Walking Dead creator

A few weeks ago it was confirmed that Jake gyllenhaal already has another project in progress. Is about Song of oblivion, graphic novel written by Robert kirkman (The walking dead) which will be adapted to the big screen with this artist as producer and protagonist. Lorenzo De Felici is the co-author of the book which was released in 2018 and focuses on a post-apocalyptic future.

Gyllenhaal will be the main actor of the story and will put himself in the shoes of Nathan Cole, a man who spends his days rescuing various people trapped in Oversight. This place is a point in Philadelphia that was destroyed but in which more than 300,000 people still live. In March 2021, the fifth volume of the graphic novel by Kirkman, where are the chapters from 25 to 30. After confirming the project, Kirkman declared: “We had the chance to form a team as passionate as we are about comics”.

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