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Loanteps is a new brand for smaller credits such as fast loans, which offers relatively generous terms and quick payments. Also, anyone who is quick to repay does not have to pay any fees or interest on the loan. It is an interesting concept Loanteps has developed and if you need to borrow money quickly, you can advantageously look at what Loanteps can do for you.

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The faster you repay, the cheaper the loan

The faster you repay, the cheaper the loan

At Loanteps, you choose between “short-term loans” of between USD 1,000 – 5000, ie typical fast loans, and “long-term loans” of between USD 15,000 – 50,000, ie loans that are more similar to ordinary private loans.

The first loan always runs for 60 days. However, if you repay the loan earlier than you get a discount on the loan costs. This is something unique in fast loans today, and it is clearly possible that more lenders will follow the example in the future.

The effect of repayment in advance becomes greater the faster the repayment takes place. If you pay back within 14 days from the date your application went through, you do not actually have to pay anything for your loan. So at Loanteps you can borrow both free of charge and interest free of 14 days . If you pay back within the first month, you get a discount of between 41-47% of the loan costs. It is the loan amount that determines what the exact discount will be.

Example: Loan of USD 3000

  • Refund within 14 days – USD 0 in interest and fees
  • Repayment within 15 – 30 days – USD 600 in loan costs and USD 3600 in total
  • Repayment within 31 – 60 days – USD 1060 in loan costs and USD 4060 in total

Payment notes do not automatically decline

Payment notes do not automatically decline

You can borrow with payment notes from Loanteps, under certain conditions. First, the number of remarks, as well as how old they are, is of central importance. In principle, one or two payment notes can be accepted if they are older than one year.

Second, Loanteps does an analysis of how they came about. If you have payment notes as a result of unsuccessful loans and credits, you can count on automatic rejection. If they have been created in other ways, the chances of being granted a loan are greater, provided you meet income requirements and that all so-called social factors look good. Credit information is obtained from Creditsafe , not UC.

Loanteps – a new player in the field of fast loans

Loanstep - a new player in the field of fast loans

Loanteps is a brand new brand, but the service behind it has been ongoing for several years. It was 2013 that the business started under the Vaselend brand. The new brand has been launched to differentiate lending from the investment product it provides.

Which is behind the two brands Vaselend and Loanteps, is a loan broker working with P2P loans, ie loans between private individuals. The idea is to bring together those who need to borrow with those who want to invest in loans to get a return on their savings. Those who wish to borrow make use of the services offered under the Loanteps brand, while those who wish to lend take the entrance to Vaselend.