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Parents should not control what other children read


Re: Broward schools memo on banning and restricting library books sparks controversy

The memo identifying books to be removed from Broward public schools is a vendetta against learning.

Parents can monitor what their children read, but they should not control what other children read or access. This memo is an apparent violation of student rights. Books and materials that people find objectionable may still have educational, historical, or cultural value.

Deciding which books should be available at school should be based on professional judgments and standards, not a parent’s content preference. Books help people get a better idea of ​​the world and our place in it. They promote empathy and social-emotional development and help us humans function as less selfish individuals. Limiting students’ access to books hurts everyone. It is the opposite of freedom.

Rachel Bean, Sources of coral

It’s time for Governor Ron DeSantis to go.

He passed laws without giving anyone a choice. It declares “free” from COVID protection measures. Florida teachers were forced to work and told not to wear masks. The children went to school without masks and in complete disregard of scientific health protocols. The state board of education said the Alachua and Broward school districts violated state rules by requiring masks. DeSantis threatened to withhold funding and board member salaries. In Florida, more than 82,000 people have died from COVID. With more vaccines, Florida’s death toll wouldn’t be so high.

Teachers now teach facts selected by DeSantis. It authorizes the banning of books. Speech is restricted in classrooms. Ever since DeSantis passed his “anti-revival” law, teachers are at risk of telling the truth about the past. He and other Republicans don’t want students to be indoctrinated with what he calls liberal bias.

Americans want tougher gun laws, but DeSantis doesn’t. He spent over $15 million on a plane and $3 million on in-state travel. It’s our money. He spent $950,000 shipping immigrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard.

On abortion, he should have no say in our individual bodily choices. It’s time for you to blend into the sunset. You are a tyrant and a dictator.

Kathalyn Haimo, Fort Lauderdale

Re: The hatred that surrounds us draws a pathetic response from DeSantis | Editorial

Kudos, Steve Bousquet, for pointing out DeSantis’ “deplorable silence.” Perfect description.

As a child learning about World War II, I wondered how a nation could turn so violently against its own people. How could someone like Hitler come to power? I am horrified to look around and see the insidious nature of fascism. Thank you for pointing a light to the darkness.

Janet Fibre, Delray Beach

Reading the latest high school football scores, I wiped off my reading glasses several times and went online to confirm what I had read. Chaminade-Madonna won 90-0. Avant Garde Academy won 68-0. Coconut Creek won 50-0. Who are the coaches of these teams? How do they still have jobs?

It’s embarrassing to see the coaches go up the score week after week. Nobody cares that they annihilated their opponents, but they should explain why it is necessary to humiliate the children of the opposing team. Having coached basketball for years, I made sure I never did despite my ability to do so. My teams have won 43 games in a row and won 25 games out of 26. These games are great opportunities for substitutes to gain experience and for the team to learn humility.

What happened to sportsmanship? Coaches are teachers. How does the FHSAA not have rules to prevent this? Coaches should be suspended for at least one game to reflect on what they have done. Winning is good, but it’s disturbing. Hopefully players from losing teams will continue to want to play sports.

Jason Brodsky, Boca Raton