Home book seller Putnam Library releases list of new books for February | Putnam News

Putnam Library releases list of new books for February | Putnam News


TEAYS VALLEY — The Putnam County Library released its list of new books acquired in February. For more information on library hours, branches, special events, and different ways to borrow, visit https://putnam.lib.wv.us/

New fiction February 2022

Andrews, Brian: “Sons of Valor”

Andrews, VC: “Out of the Rain”

Bayliss, Jenny: “A season for second chances”

Beaton, MC: “Death of a Green-Eyed Monster”

Burke, Alafair: “Find Me”

Cantor, Jillian: “Beautiful Little Boobies”

Chamberlain, Diane: “The Last House on the Street”

Collins, Flora: “The Dearest Nanny”

Collins, Megan: “The Family Conspiracy”

Copperman, EJ: “Judgment in Santa Monica”

Comptoir, Catherine: “The Grayson Sherbrooke”

Cox, Amanda: “The Secret Keepers of the Old Depot Grocery”

Crosby, Polly: “The Women of Pearl Island”

Cumming, Charles: “Box 88”

Davis, Fiona: “The Magnolia Palace”

Eason, Lynette: “Stealing Life”

Ernshaw, Shea: “A Tale of Wild Places”

Feeney, Alice: “Rock Paper Scissors”

Fluke, Joanne: “Caramel Pecan Roll Murder”

Gudenkauf, Heather: “One Night Guest”

Hall, Rachel Howzell: “These Toxic Things”

Hawkins, Rachel: “Reckless Girls”

Hawley, Noah: “Anthem”

Hoover, Colleen: “Reminders of Him”

Hunter, Denise: “Riverbend Gap”

Isaka, Kotaro: “Bullet Train”

Kellerman, Jonathan: “City of the Dead”

Kepler, Lars: “The Mirror Man”

Klune, TJ: “Under the Whispering Door”

Lutz, Lisa: “The Accomplice”

Maher, Kerri: “The Parisian bookseller”

Martin, Kimmery: “Doctors and Friends”

McKinlay, Jenn: “Deadly Research”

Morrissey, Hannah: “Hello, Transcriber”

Murphy, Julie: “If the Shoe Fits You”

Patterson, James: “Flying”

Peterson, Tracie: “Always Constant”

Preston, Douglas: “Diablo Mesa”

Rice, Anne: “Ramses the Damned”

Robb, JD: “Abandoned in Death”

Ryan, Hank Phillippi: “His Perfect Life”

Ryan, Jennifer: “Lost and Found Family”

Stabenow, Dana: “Disappearance of a Scribe”

Taylor, Brad: “End Times”

Thomas, Sarah: “The Seeker of Forgotten Things”

Willingham, Stacy: “A Flicker in the Dark”

New non-fiction February 2022

Baier, Bret: “To save the Republic”

Benoit, Sophia: “Well, it’s exhausting”

Blum, Jenna: “Woodrow on the Bench”

Brooks, Mel: “All About Me!”

Cameron, Silver: “Blood in the Water”

Casazza, Allie: “Declutter like a mother”

Chow, Kat: “Seeing Ghosts”

Churton, Tobias: “The Lost Pillars of Enoch”

Coggins, David: “The Optimist”

Conwill, Kinshasa: “Keep the promises”

Duncan, Mike: “Heroes of Both Worlds”

Eder, Mari: “Girls who crossed the line”

Ellis, Helen: “Bring Your Baggage and Don’t Travel Light”

Gifford, Kathie Lee: “The Jesus I Know”

Greenwood, Elizabeth: “Love of Lockdown”

Hall, Bobby: “That Bright Future”

Hannah-Jones, Nikole: “The 1619 Project”

Hayhoe, Katharine: “Save Us”

Kang, Jay: “The Loneliest Americans”

Kissinger, Henry: “The Age of AI: And Our Human Future”

Leamer, Laurence: “The Women of Capote”

Lewis, Michael: “The Premonition”

Maher, Kris: “Desperate”

Markel, Howard: “The Secret of Life”

Marton, Kati: “The Chancellor”

Marx, Richard: “Stories to Tell”

Patchett, Ann: “Those Precious Days”

Patterson, James: “Emergency Nurses”

Patterson, James: “Walking in My Combat Boots”

Piesing, Mark: “N-4 Down”

Power, Carla: “Home, Earth, Security”

Prager, Joshua: “The Roe Family: An American Story”

Quinones, Sam: “The Least of Us”

Ramaswamy, Vivek: “Woke, Inc.”

Ribeiro, Sidarta: “The Oracle of the Night”

Ricca, Brad: “The True Adventurers”

Rogen, Seth: “Directory”

Sancton, Julian: “The Insane Asylum at the End of the World”

Shapiro, Melissa: “Piglet: The Unexpected Story”

Shum, Desmond: “Red Roulette”

Solnit, Rebecca: “Orwell’s Roses”

Weldon, Glen: “NPR’s Podcast Getting Started Guide”

White, Gayle: “Jessup Reclamation”

Whitlock, Craig: “The Afghanistan Papers”

Will, George: “American Happiness and Discontent”

Woolever, Laurie: “Bourdain: The Definitive Oral Biography”

Zauner, Michelle: “Crying in H Mart”