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Q&A: Marie D. Jones, author of ‘Black Mariah’


I recently had the opportunity to sit down with best-selling author Marie D. Jones and talk to her about her upcoming shared world series BLACK MARIAH, which follows stories from people in different parts of the world, from the States- United with South Africa as they navigate the efforts of the global elite to establish a new world order. BLACK MARIAH is a ten short story series, told by the voices of award-winning and successful writers, storytellers and producers. The first episode is released on July 9, 2021 with new episodes every other Friday. Follow the story at www.BlackMariahSeries.com.

Hi Marie ! Thank you for taking the time to chat with me today. I want to start this Q&A by asking you to give readers a more detailed look at what they can expect from BLACK MARIAH.

BLACK MARIAH is a ‘real-time’ episodic story that presents a particular storyline, in this case a mysterious chemical attack on several towns and villages, and how different characters around the world react to that storyline as it unfolds. takes place. We see these characters trying to survive and find safety, to make sense of the attacks and how they come to learn the shocking truth behind the attacks. They all come from different perspectives which makes for a truly realistic and expansive reading experience, as each episode is a mystery and puzzle in a much larger one written by people who know their location and the reaction of their people. characters. If I were to try to write all of this on my own, I would have no idea what the lifestyle, beliefs, and dynamics of someone in another country are. It is much more credible and realistic to bring in other writers from these countries.

The series is split into three seasons and we have ten episodes per season, just like a TV show, so readers can play one episode at a time or wait until the season is over and play all ten episodes excessively. The episodes will be published in eBook format.

This allows readers to experience the same story storyline played by different authors, all of them top selling and well known, and also get a comprehensive overview of events. We have writers from different parts of the United States, Ireland, South Africa, Nicaragua, Germany, Singapore … each with their own characters and storylines, but all operate within the structure I provide them. as a creator.

I think readers will be hooked from the first episode and absolutely blown away by these amazing stories and characters. It’s building the world on steroids to me.It takes the episodic series to a whole new level and a whole new playing field, because instead of following just one set of characters throughout the series, you can follow along. eight sets and invest you in so many more characters and situations than a single singular storyline could provide. There are so many other characters to fall in love with, or hate, to root for, or to see downcast. This series is about an underground revolution that is taking place to fight against the coming new world order, and you get a front row seat to see how many actors in this revolution have been involved.

We all love to watch shows on Netflix or cable, and it’s a print series that works pretty much the same, and we hope it does the same thing by hooking readers so that they don’t. can keep themselves from coming back for more.

What originally inspired you to write BLACK MARIAH?

It’s such a long story, so I’ll try to condense it. I started writing BLACK MARIAH over thirty years ago as a deadly pandemic scenario with forced vaccines killing people. Yes, I was ahead of my time with viruses, and soon after that several novels and movies came out with the angle of the virus, and it broke my heart. So I put BLACK MARIAH aside until 2013, when I signed with my manager, Italia Gandolfo, and she loved what I did with the BLACK MARIAH novel, which was unfinished, and landed me a contract with a publisher. A year later that deal failed, along with other attempts to change it and do other things with it, and it was going to be released by my manager’s company, but it failed, and my heart just kept going. not to break, because it was one of my babies, my “opus magnum” and was incredibly important to me.

When I started, the novel version turned into a story about a chemtrail attack instead of a virus. When my son was born in 2001 after the September 11 attacks, I was on the phone outside with him in my arms when several small planes flew overhead, letting a fine white mist fall over us. We both had severe allergic reactions, and I later found out that many of my neighbors did too. At the time, I was familiar with chemtrails, but I passed it off as an agricultural overspray because I lived in an agricultural belt. But years later, when I came back to the story, I turned that experience into a plot, and it became the story of a woman in a rural town who is wiped off the map by a chemical attack. of unknown origin. She babysits a little girl when this happens, and the story is their survival journey and her discovery of a person named “Raven” on ham radio who leads them to safety and tells them the truth about what is going on.

Around 2016, I won a story contest for the “first six chapters” with BLACK MARIAH and the publisher told me the story should have won, but they haven’t released any conspiracy thrillers, but it got so much praise that it motivated me to keep doing something with it. Italia and I continued to find other ways to publicize this project, but it never froze or strayed too far from my origin story. Years went by and I was distracted by other projects, but it still haunted me, begging to be written.

Then last year, as world events started to reflect much of history, I had a phone conversation with Italia telling her that I was going to self-publish it, and she said: ” Wait a second, I have an idea. ” When Italia says that you know something big is brewing, and of course it was. She introduced me to Lindy Ryan, owner of Black Spot Books, which is part of my manager’s business, Vesuvian Media Group. She spoke to Lindy about BLACK MARIAH and we talked. Well, as it often happens, you realize that something has never worked before because it wasn’t supposed to until now… and that timing is everything. Lindy had this great idea to do an episodic series with other scriptures to create a shared universe. I never thought about it, but she did, and we hit it off like gangbusters. From that first phone conversation, BLACK MARIAH took place with incredible speed and ease… as if it had to be.

And I know in my bones it was.

By the way, the name was the one I chose over thirty years ago after reading about old rice wagons called “Black Mariahs” in which the police took prisoners to jails. I thought he had great symbolism …

BLACK MARIAH will be released in an episodic format featuring stories written by authors around the world. Why do you think having these different worldly perspectives is important?

While I love to read a novel and follow a main character and dive into their perspective, having the chance to do so with a number of characters in a number of places around the world allows for different interpretations of the subject. We start with a chemical attack, and no one knows who or what is behind it. The whole series progresses as all of our characters in their different countries or cities try to survive, then find out who is behind the attacks and what will happen next.

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The experience of my two main characters, who both live in Indiana, will be very different from that of our writers living in other countries like Nicaragua or Germany or even in the United States like Alaska. . Our characters are all so different, and so are our plots within the structure of the set, so you get such a rich and expansive reading experience with multiple perspectives.

Each of the episodes is an entire novel that takes place alongside and often intersects with the other novels that make up the “mega-monster” series that is BLACK MARIAH. It’s so cool! It’s also so important because of the topic, which is the coming globalization and its darker side including depopulation, and we show the struggles of the people tackling it and finding ways to rise up and stand up. retaliate, or as they say, “challenge and persist,” he added. ,

Are there aspects of BLACK MARIAH that reflect real life issues unfolding in the world today?

The whole series is based on real-life issues and delves into elements of conspiracy theory that eventually come true as the stories progress. This story was originally written as a warning of what was to come, and what was already bubbling beneath the surface as world events pointed to a slippery slope towards a global governing body according to the United Nations campaigns for it. Agenda 21 and 2030, and the end of individual freedoms. But it also touches on things like forced vaccines, chips that control our minds, digital wallets that control how we spend our money, a global program to depopulate the planet run by the rich and elite, the use of toxins in chemtrails and vaccines and other conspiratorial ideas, all presented in a way that could happen in your own town… and maybe already.

The New World Order and the Great Reset discussed in many episodes, and Agenda 27, based on the United Nations Agenda 21 and 2030 sustainability plans, are a big part of our history and how the push for global control and centralized is something we must strive to maintain our individual rights and freedoms. It is no longer a conspiracy. It’s happening all around us and BLACK MARIAH is looking into the near future to see where we might be headed.

What future for the BLACK MARIAH series?

I have a feeling it will be a huge success and set the stage for more seasons if readers demand it of us, but also for future projects I have to explore other “world events” in the same way. The series is actively being shown in Hollywood as a potential live-action series and is perfect for that, as we’ve already created the IP in so much detail. I hope we franchise it into a television series, a series of graphic novels, books and other formats. And I would love nothing more than to continue in other seasons with this amazing group of writers that I have been so blessed and honored to bring aboard BLACK MARIAH.