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Raft of promotions at Yellow Kite and Hodder non-fiction


The non-fiction teams of Yellow Kite and Hodder & Stoughton have made a series of promotions and new appointments.

Lauren Whelan (photo above), previously Editorial Director, has been appointed Associate Editor at Yellow Kite and will add a few commissions for the non-fiction team Hodder to her tenure.

After being with the publisher for six years, Whelan has had “18 stellar months,” according to Hodder with six Sunday opening hours The top ten bestsellers on the Yellow Kite list. She will continue to acquire primarily for the Yellow Kite and Lifestyle listings under Executive Editor Liz Gough. Whelan will also now acquire a number of leading market and business non-fiction titles from executives, celebrities and “changemakers” in the consumer and digital entertainment world, with an emphasis on story sharing. unseen from those with big platforms, for publisher Kirty Topiwala’s Non-Fiction List.

Holly Whitaker has been promoted from associate editor to editor to lead a new branch of commercial publishing at Yellow Kite, with a focus on women’s empowerment. This new direction will steer the footprint in a new direction dedicated to professional self-help and development.

Former Editorial Assistant Olivia Nightingall is promoted to Associate Editor. During the lockdown, Nightingall sent the company weekly “Lockdown Larder” emails containing recipes from the division’s many kitchen writers to inspire his colleagues to cook new things, and subsequently, these came together. are transformed into “Hello Yellow” newsletters.

In the non-fiction team Hodder, editor Cameron Myers (on the photo, on the right) is promoted editor-in-chief, publishing books on current affairs, personal development and contemporary history for millennials and Generation Z audiences. He has already acquired several titles including The Central Park Five, a two-book contract with George the poet, Old school cool by Billy Dee Williams and Ghislaine hunting by John Sweeney.

There were also two newcomers, Jemma Mo becoming editorial assistant at Yellow Kite and Ciara Mongey joining non-fiction Hodder as editorial assistant, with Zakirah Alam appointed associate editor.