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Read it before it becomes a movie



4 novels for young adults whose rights to bring it to the big screen or to television have been acquired

There’s Someone in Your House by Stephanie Perkins

Read the book before the movie hits the screens. These stories for children and young adults were recently acquired for a film or television adaptation. Check them out before anyone else and stay off the reservation list.

Written by Stephanie Perkins for a horror-loving young adult audience, “There’s Someone Inside Your House” was purchased by Netflix for a film adaptation edited by Patrick Brice. A small town in Nebraska becomes Makani’s new home when she is sent to live with her grandmother following her parents’ divorce. It’s not the only thing that keeps him away from his native Hawaii. She lives in constant fear that her secret past will be revealed. The mystery seems to have followed her to the Midwest when, one by one, her classmates are murdered and suspicion points to every stranger or outcast.

Christina Hammonds Reed’s Black Children

Ashley is a wealthy teenager who leads an enchanted life in Los Angeles until four officers are acquitted of the murder of black Rodney King. Now, she’s a black teenager who lives through the summer of 1992 Rodney King’s riots grappling with a city plagued by violence, and is trying to find out where she fits in Christina Hammonds Reed’s “The Black Kids.” This New York Times bestseller and finalist for the William C. Morris Award was purchased by The Gotham Group for a film adaptation, directed by Wanuri Kahiu.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Victoria Aveyard’s “Red Queen” series has spent several weeks on the New York Times bestseller list since its release in 2015 and was purchased for Peacock, an NBC streaming service for the series adaptation. The story takes place in another America where the nation is ruled by a monarchy of superhumans who bleed money. Mare, a young woman with no abilities and born into poverty, discovers that she has her own powers. She becomes a symbol of revolution in this series of four books. The series will be directed by Elizabeth Banks, who will also play a supporting actor role.

Squad of Maggie Tokuda-Hall and Lisa Sterle

Becca is the new girl in school in Maggie Tokuda-Hall’s young adult graphic novel, “Squad.” It doesn’t take long for the new girl to figure out who’s popular and who isn’t, but the startling realization that popular girls aren’t girls at all, but werewolves is a whole different thing. These wolves feast on budding sexual predators, so Becca is left with the question of who the real monsters are.

Sarah Voels is a Community Engagement Librarian at the Cedar Rapids Public Library.