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Reds get creative with new editorial partner


Liverpool FC have welcomed a new global partner, Kodansha, to the club as an official release partner.

The multi-year deal with one of the world’s largest publishers will see the club and Kodansha working together to inspire young fans to harness their creativity and pursue their dreams of a career in the creative industry.

Reaching readers in 40 countries, Kodansha publishes a wide range of products, including TV shows and cartoons, magazines, picture books and novels, as well as official merchandise. He is also a publisher of the popular manga of comic book series and graphic novels, which originated in Japan and developed in the late 19th century. The manga has become extremely popular with audiences of all ages around the world, with titles such as The attack of the Titans, Akira and Sailor moon some of the best known examples.

Focusing on community outreach and the belief that “stories can inspire and change people’s lives,” Japanese company Kodansha is partnering with the club’s official charity, the LFC Foundation, to launch “ Creative Works ”.

From September 2021 an employability program will be offered to a total of four cohorts of students from John Moores University in Liverpool and local sixth year colleges and aims to inspire young people from difficult backgrounds to pursue careers. in the creative industry.

Throughout the program, participants will receive support and mentorship in building creative skills, CV and interview techniques, public speaking and self-confidence building, and expectations in the workplace to prepare them to achieve their career goals.

By working with seven creative organizations in Liverpool across various industries including theater, media and games, participants could also have a chance to win an internship.

Kodansha has also pledged to make various donations to support the wider Liverpool community during the partnership. As a first step, he will also make generous donations with creative and artistic materials, to support children’s literacy and inspire creativity from an early age.

Billy Hogan, CEO of Liverpool FC, said: “As a football club there are so many amazing stories throughout our history, stories that are told and kept alive through the power of creativity and storytelling. They spark the excitement, memories and imaginations of our fans around the world.

“Through our partnership with Kodansha, one of the world’s largest publishers, we look forward to creating programs that will help inspire future generations through creativity and storytelling.

“Over the past 18 months, our LFC Foundation has built its ‘Works’ initiative, to provide a range of employability programs for people aged 16 and over to help them jumpstart their careers. We are excited to work with Kodansha to launch “Creative Works”, a program that will provide young people with the opportunity to pursue their dreams in creative careers and realize their potential. “

Yoshinobu Noma, Chairman of Kodansha, said: “Having lived in the UK for quite some time now, I have a very special feeling about this partnership with LFC.

“Every game the team plays in front of their fans around the world, incredible stories are created and shared, sparking joy and excitement. We want to harness this extraordinary power to inspire impossible stories and build a strong and successful partnership. stories that spark passion and inspiration around the world. ”