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Response letter following a neighborhood conflict // The Observer


No, “Liam” Finn, we are not the bingo bunch that live in the “quaint” retirement home across the street: the stereotype you base the conclusion of your recent letter to the editor on.

In fact, many of us here have – years ago – walked paths that you who are reading this now will follow in the future. We are retired professors, administrators, heads of departments, teachers, doctors, pastors, brothers of the Holy Cross, professional musicians, founders of charitable institutions, engineers, grandmothers, grandfathers, parents and writers.

Here we do NOT have bingo on our activity lists, but we do have other games: bridge, mah-jongg, euchre. Our residents can choose from 2 book clubs, ‘big classes’, in-house concerts, spiritual discussion groups, yoga, tai chi, interactive learning lectures, one-day university presentations and internal films.

We’re always on the go with transportation to ND football matches, operas, symphonies, theaters, campus conferences, historical and cultural exhibition tours (sometimes at night).

So thank you for recognizing our presence on campus. When I come across stereotypical comments about my own retired life, I often smile and think to myself, “They are going to catch up with me. “

Ziliak beard

Resident of the village of Sainte-Croix in Notre-Dame

October 5

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