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Ryan Reynolds’ tweet is going viral and he’s already turning it into an ad


No one has ever accused Ryan Reynolds of being lazy, and if they did, they should see the record speed with which he turned a viral tweet into an ad for his company Mint Mobile. It all started with a message from Canadian comedian Dave Foley of The Kids in the Hall, who asked Reynolds if he could appear in a Mint Mobile ad if he changed carriers. At 3:34 p.m. ET, Reynolds agreed to the terms of that deal by posting an 8:35 p.m. ET photo of Foley on set of said commercial. Reynolds captioned the photo: “New @MaximumEffort land speed record.”

Reynolds bought his stake in Mint mobile in 2019 and immediately began producing memorable and viral ads for the wireless service, done in conjunction with his production company/marketing agency Maximum Effort. Among the commercials they have created is one with Rick Moranis, a descendant of Paul Revere, Gary Busey, and one where Satan and the year 2020 begin dating. Mint Mobile also caused a stir during the Super Bowl a few times, first for their “Chunky Milk” ad and again in successive years when Reynolds took out full-page newspaper ads to reveal he wasn’t paying. for a new Super Bowl an d.

This isn’t the first time Reynolds has moved at breakneck speed to get an ad posted after something went viral. Following a bizarre Peloton ad that seemed to imply sinister intentions, Reynolds hired the actress for an ad for his Aviation Gin brand. He also recently teamed up with Peloton for a commercial featuring actor Chris Noth, which was released just after his character died in a television series following a Peloton-induced heart attack. This ad quickly disappeared after Noth was accused of sexual assault by several women.

“We’re really risk averse. So people really think we like shooting from the hip, because we move so fast and that kind of stuff,” Reynolds previously told Adweek about their marketing strategies. at Maximum Effort. “But, we really think about that stuff. We really find our guardrails. The same way I write Deadpool. It’s like, ‘Okay, what’s a hypersensitive person to this type of material will say?’ What’s the guy who doesn’t care what he’s going to say? I want to find the medium where everyone kind of feels seen in there.

“I’ve taken this up with Aviation and everything we’re working on,” Reynolds added. “Working through that lens of empathy and that guides us in a weird way. That doesn’t mean you can’t be subversive or super funny, and risky, or at least feel super risky. But, it stops you definitely walking in the wrong direction. I say this knowing that I’m just as likely to step into something I didn’t intend to step into as anyone. There are mistakes.