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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor: April 16, 2022


silver lining

For the editor:

After two years of living in unprecedented times, several Shelter Island residents have lost over $250,000 to the proliferation of phone and email scams. This total represents the entire lifetime savings of a few residents.

The Shelter Island Action Alliance, in cooperation with the Shelter Island Lions Club and Mullen Motors, is pleased to provide an avenue and a silver lining to help bring hope and monetary savings to those affected by catastrophic fraud.

Thanks to the extreme generosity of Mullen Motors in Southold, we will be raffling off an all-new 2021 Jeep Cherokee. In total, only 2,400 tickets will be sold at $100 each and the draw will take place on December 23, 2022.

For more information, visit shelterislandlions.org or email [email protected]

There’s a reason so many of us feel so lucky to call Shelter Island home – it’s the people who live here, who come together to help each other. This is what we do.

Program Administrators, Shelter Island Action Alliance


For the editor:

Regarding the ongoing water management agreement between the city and the Suffolk County Water Authority (“Outside Water Entity On The Way”, April 7), once the city executes the agreement, the city is linked to a 40-year liability.

Whether or not it’s good business for West Neck Water District customers, liability affects the city’s bottom line. Accounting standards suggest that, in the event that figures are not yet available to recognize assets and liabilities at the lower of the fair value of the asset and the present value of the minimum payments (discounted at the rate of interest implied in the agreement, if possible, or at the City’s incremental borrowing rate), a footnote would be appropriate.

As I’m sure the Village of Dering Harbor prepares its current value calculation for the audit report, it would be interesting to compare the two calculations.

JOHN T. COLBY JR.Shelter Island

Control of our water

For the editor:

The final draft of the West Neck Water-Suffolk County Water Authority (WNW-SCWA) Lease Agreement was posted on the city’s website around April 6, without any notice to WNW customers or the public, giving no only until April 18 for comments. Worse still, the project still raises concerns and leaves many questions unanswered. WNW customers, whose water bills will dramatically increase, and other water-conscious Islanders should beware.

First, what authority the City will retain regarding the use of the aquifer remains uncertain. It must be consulted, but the City has no authority to limit the expansion of the SCWA system or its ability to drill wells on City land. WNW rules do not allow irrigation and prohibit the sale of our water. Applicable SCWA rules list tanker truck fill rates at $4,000 per truck with no portion of the monies going to WNW/City. Removing WNW’s rules without specifically allowing the city to impose conservation restrictions would defeat the purpose of preserving our water.

Second, there are many additional fees in the SCWA rules. The City Council Liaison assured that none of these costs apply to WNW customers, but the charges remain in the addendum to the agreement.

Third, it is unclear whether federal, state, or municipal (WQI) grants are truly sought after. We were told that they would address this possibility in the agreement, but that was not done. At Southampton, the improvements were largely funded by grants and the rest was paid for from its WQIP account. Our City Council should work as hard to help WNW customers as Southampton has done for its residents.

Fourth, the impact of this Island-wide agreement must at least be understood by the public. The agreement allows for the use of city lands and expansion outside of the ONO district.

Finally, other than requiring that limited notices be made, the agreement does not provide the WNW Council or the City with meaningful oversight of SCWA on behalf of customers or Islanders outside the district.