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Star Trek: 10 Best Original Stories In The Comics


First in 1966, star trek by Gene Roddenberry has become one of the most enduring sci-fi franchises of all time. The eternally endearing and enduring personas of Kirk, Spock, and the McCoy have become as synonymous with American culture as Superman’s S-shield and the bald eagle.

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With hundreds of problems to solve, it can be daunting to choose a story to start in Trek’s long comic book history. That is why the following has been compiled in no particular order to present some of the best and brightest stories ever told about the United Federations of the Planets (in sequential art).

ten The Trial of James T. Kirk is a 3-part epic

Star Trek Trial of James T Kirk

The Trial of James T. Kirk is a three-issue story arc beginning in star trek #10 and ending in issue #11 by writer Peter David with artists James W. Fry and Gordon Purcell. One year before Star Trek VI: The Unknown Country forced Kirk to come to terms with his racism and bigotry toward his decades-old enemy, the Klingons, DC’s ongoing headline did much the same on the printed page. While the seeds of the lawsuit had been sown in issue 7, it was in the three major magazines that the story reached its dramatic heights. For anyone who enjoys the themes of nationalism and revenge played out in VII, it is a fantastic read that is more than worth its time.

9 The Legion of Super-Heroes blasts the past

Star Trek Legion of Super-Heroes

Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes by Chris Roberson with art by Jefferey and Phillip Moy is one of dozens of franchise crossovers IDW has launched over the past two decades. While the later crossover with DC’s Green Lantern Corps may hold the highest brand value, the lesser-known Legion of Super-Heroes is a great foot in the door for anyone looking to transition from the Trek comics to the superhero genre. hero.

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With remastered versions of classic Legion villains made up of Trek alien races and a multiversal plot, there’s a lot to enjoy in this unexpected but welcome addition to the crossover story for the USS Enterprise.

8 The Q conflict is fanservice gone wild

Star Trek Q Conflict

Q is easily the greatest breakout character in Star Trek: The Next Generation apart from the main crew. Originally introduced as another all-powerful divine entity that uses its omnipotence to wreak havoc with nature in line with the Starfleet Crew Book, John de Lancie’s adorably sarcastic performance and future episodes that turned Q into less a trickster and wiser teacher would endear the character to Trekkies everywhere. This is why it plays such an important role in The Q conflict, which is a crossover spanning franchise combining the crews of TOS, GNT, DS9, and Traveler by writers Scott and David Tipton with works by David Messina, Elisabetta D’Amico, Carola Borelli, Silvia Califano and Giorgio Spalletta.

seven The debt of honor was written by a legend X

Star Trek Debt of Honor

Chris Claremont is arguably the biggest reason most people love the X-Men. For 16 years, it took a group that had fallen into obscurity, cancellation, and reprints and made them Marvel’s first superhero team. With such a legendary portfolio with the Maison des Idées, it is not surprising that Honor debt – an original DC graphic novel that shows Captain Kirk and the equally charismatic Romulan Captain T’Cel going on an adventure to stop the machinations of an alien threat that’s been seen throughout Trek’s history – would be a hit . With the wonderfully expressive art of Adam Hughes, this book is a solid send-off to the series’ lore up to this point.

6 Assimilation² Chocolate Peanut Butter Blend

While fans love pitting Trek against George Lucas’ sci-fi adventure saga, star wars, the fittest contender would be the BBC’s flagship franchise, Doctor Who. Airing just 3 years before “The Man Trap,” Whovians and Trekkies have been fierce rivals since at least the 1980s, when the good doctor took his first big dip in America. Therefore, it makes sense that they intersect.

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Assimilation² sees the Cybermen and the Borg team up against the 11th Doctor and the crew of the Enterprise-D. Written by Scott and David Tipton with Tony Lee as adviser and JK Woodward, The Sharp Brothers and Gordon Purcell on art, this charming miniseries is packed with endearing fan service and wacky sci-fi action-adventure.

5 IDW’s Mirror Series Finally Gives Fans Evil Picard (But Done Well This Time)

Star Trek Mirror Wars

Tossing a badly cracked mirror version of the protagonist at the hero is an old-school storytelling trope and Trek has done more than its fair share. From ideological opposites like Khan and Kirk to Tom Hardy’s Praetor Shinzon, a literal evil clone of Picard, the franchise loves to dabble in duality and the nature of who people are. One of the best examples of this is easily TOS“Mirror, Mirror”, which pitted Kirk and his team against evil variants of themselves from a parallel universe. Thanks to IDW and its long-running Mirror series, from 2017 broken mirror by Scott and Dave Tipton with JK Woodward on art and continues today in mirror war, fans finally got to see Mirror Universe Picard, with an evil goatee. The Jean-Luc doppelganger is unleashed across dimensions and this ongoing story is already one of IDW’s best since licensing the franchise from Paramount.

4 Khan: Rule in Hell Explains His Anger

Khan Ruling in Star Trek Hell

One of the biggest revelations of Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan is that the idyllic world of Eden that Kirk had left to his adversary, Ceti Alpha V, had become a hellish wasteland after his sister world, Ceti Alpha VI, exploded. While Khan’s motivations are captured perfectly in the film, many fans have wondered what his life was like and how he could have survived all this time considering how inhospitable he was when Chekov came to visit. Scott and David Tipton, once again, pen this dark solo Khan story with Fabio Mantovani providing the art that beautifully captures Ricardo Montalbán’s stoic and sculptural manner.

3 Star Trek/X-Men is stupidly entertaining

Star Trek X-Men Star TreX

Star Trek/X-Men is a bizarre Frankenstein monster from two of the most popular franchises of the 90s mixed together. Why on Vulcan would someone combine the two? Money.

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With multiple series and a series of feature films in the works, the Trek universe was at its peak in the 1990s, and anyone living in the decade needn’t know that the X-Men were a big deal. . Scott Lobdell with the artistic talents of Marc Silvestri, Billy Tan, Anthony Winn, David Finch and Brian Ching has created this so bad so good magnum opus, where every page is a nightmare of mismatched tones and styles. Is it high quality? No. Is this one of the best things Trek comics have ever done? Absoutely.

2 Boldly Go is a great continuation of the Kelvin timeline

When JJ Abrams rebooted the Trek movies with the 2009s star trek, many fans were divided (as they still are) on whether this new movie strayed too far from the still ill-defined “Gene’s Vision.” After 2016 Star Trek Beyond and the recent bonanza in series set in the Prime Timeline, it’s up in the air whether fans will ever get a continuation of the Kelvin Timeline and its unique setting. Mike Johnson, Ryan Parrott, Tony Shasteen, Chris Mooneyham and Megan Levens go bold ongoing title fills that gap with a story centered around the time between Beyond and the construction of the USS Enterprise-A, pitting classic characters in a new setting against an inexperienced crew.

1 Retrospect is a watery teardrop

Star Trek Retrospective

Star Trek Annual #3 by DC might very well be one of the best Trek stories ever written, even surpassing some of the all-time classics from movies and TV series. Peter David with Ricardo Villagran and the legendary Curt Swan tell a beautifully melancholic story centered on the adorable Scotsman, Montgomery Scott, and his depression following the death of his wife, Glynnis. This solemn tale is the perfect comic to pick up if one has a love for Trek and especially for The original series.

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