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Starfire and daughter Mandy face off in new trailer for I Am Not Starfire



Being a teenager is not easy. Crushes, school, hormones, sandy expectations can be overwhelming. And it’s even harder when your mom is a superhero.

Life can’t be easy for a superhero’s seemingly helpless teenager, and in the case of Starfire’s daughter Mandy in the upcoming I am not Starfire, this seems to be painfully true. Mandy Koriand’r is nothing like her mother, and in addition to normal teenage dilemmas, she feels serious pressure to be her daughter, but in a trailer for DC’s upcoming graphic novel, it looks like her mother not be the only super-fed family member she has to worry about.

This isn’t the first child Starfire has fathered in the DC Multiverse; the most famous of these probably being his daughter Mar’i Grayson, aka Nightstar, whom she had with fellow Teen Titan Nightwing, in a possible future timeline. But this is the first time fans have discovered the famous alien-turned-parent and offspring in the form of young adult fiction. And unlike Nightstar, Mandy seems to stray as far from her mother’s legacy as possible. In this coming of age story, Mandy is the complete opposite of her mother. She trades bright colors and shiny hair for a more grunge aesthetic and, as far as she knows, lacks the powers and upbeat charm of her mother. One thing she can’t deny though, is that she has the same inevitable family ties as Starfire whether she realizes it or not.

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Writer Mariko Tamaki and artist Yoshi Yoshitani combined their talents and efforts to discuss relevant topics across the arena of superheroes, villains and galactic space battles: bringing a new alternate universe, a graphic approach to the classic dynamic that arises from being the child of a celebrity. Teenage life is hard enough for Mandy; to have a crush on her classmate Claire, to decide what she wants to look like for her future when she graduates from high school, to find out who she is as a person. All of this is further complicated by the shadow of her mother’s legacy following her wherever she goes. Now, with the trailer for the book coming out, it looks like Mandy will also have to face the shadows of her mother’s past when her evil aunt, Blackfire, takes the stage. Check out the trailer for the July 27 release below!

What will this mean for the complicated relationship Mandy already has with her star mother (in more ways than one)? Considering that Mandy is so estranged from her mother and that she has been limited in her knowledge of her origins and upbringing, this introduction of Blackfire and all the evil plans she has under her feet could cause an even deeper chasm. between the mother and daughter duo.

If Mandy feels like her mother lied to her in any way; or if her darker, more pessimistic aunt calls on Mandy, it could provide a source of intense friction for the two of them. One thing is certain though, I am not Starfire promises to be a coming-of-age story unlike any readers have seen before: a story full of teenage angst and overpowering family conflict. Hopefully in the end she and Mandy Star fire will be able to reconcile their differences, come together to strengthen their relationship, and thwart Blackfire in her new attempt to ruin her sister’s life.

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