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Supernova: Who wrote the music for the film and can you buy the soundtrack?


Supernova is a heartbreaking film that follows two men – Sam and Tusker – who have been in a relationship for 20 years, as they embark on a trip through England in an old motorhome to visit their friends and family. family after Tusker was diagnosed with dementia early on. . Harry Macqueen directed the film from the script he wrote himself, having previously only directed one other film: Countryside, which he also wrote and directed, but in which he also acted. It follows a similar plot line, with childhood friends Harvey and Lola going on a trip to the seaside cottage where they spent much of their youth.

Who wrote the music in Supernova?

Music in Supernova features piano and strings, with repeated minimalist-style melodies exploring intervals and broken chords. It is mostly melancholy in style, due to the subject matter. Even the most hopeful tracks have an underlying dark current looming in the lower strings.

The score at Supernova was written by singer-songwriter Keaton Henson, who is a new face in the movie music scene. He is well known as a musician, poet and visual artist, having previously released six studio albums, a graphic novel and a collection of poetry.

This is not the first time that Henson has worked with orchestral instruments and longer score projects. The release of his instrumental album romantic works in 2014, cellist Ren Ford inspired him to work in a more “classic-crossover” style. In 2015, he composed a score for a dance project by BalletBoyz entitled Young men, which was then filmed on location in France with BalletBoyz dancers portrayed as soldiers during World War I. In 201, Henson Six lethargies for string orchestra – a 70-minute work – premiered by Britten Sinfonia at the Barbican Center, before being performed at the Sydney Opera House. It was then released on the Mercury KX label in 2019.

Keaton Henson’s style is inspired by composers like Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass and Górecki. Due to his chronic anxiety, Henson rarely performs live and prefers to work alone.

What piece of music does Colin Firth’s character play on the piano in Supernova?

It’s Elgar’s haunting Hello love that we hear on the piano in the heartbreaking finale of Supernova.

Does Colin Firth play the piano in Supernova?

It’s not clear if all the piano playing the Colin Firth character that Sam plays in Supernova, but it has been said that part of the game was played by Firth himself – including the interpretation of Elgar’s play Hello from Love. In his review of the film for the Guardian, Peter Bradshaw complimented Firth’s playing: “Firth gives his own perfectly usable piano interpretation of Elgar’s piece. Hello love, all the more a moment of lump in the throat for his unflashiness. ‘

However, the piece is performed by pianist Jeremy Young on the film’s soundtrack.

Colin Firth’s character, Sam, is a former concert pianist, whose skills may have diminished somewhat in the years since he quit playing professionally, but he still performs at a very high standard.

Where can you stream the soundtrack to Supernova?

You can stream the Keaton Henson soundtrack on Supernova at Spotify and Apple Music.

Can you buy the soundtrack for Supernova?

The soundtrack at Supernova was released earlier this year on Lakeshore Records.

List of tracks: Supernova soundtrack

  1. Keaton Henson: The Night Sky
  2. Keaton Henson: Losing Tusker
  3. Keaton Henson: The Lake
  4. Keaton Henson: The Road to Lilly’s
  5. Keaton Henson: quiet driving
  6. Keaton Henson: Stargazing
  7. Keaton Henson: Let me be with you
  8. Keaton Henson: Supernova
  9. Elgar: Salut d’Amour (performed by Jeremy Young)

Where can you look Supernova online?

Unlike many films released in 2020 and 2021, Supernova was able to receive a cinema release. It is also available to watch online, if you prefer to stay at home. You can rent Supernova to watch on Amazon prime and Apple tv.

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