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Happy 2010!

1 Jan

I’ve made a lot of great music discoveries this year, either through friends, or concerts, or emusic recommendations (which are almost always spot-on). One of the best shows I went to was Jason Webley’s back pretty early in the year. I wasn’t familiar with Jason Webley at all before the show, but the amazing and lovely Colleen AF Venable was, and wanted to go. I’m so glad I did! Not only was Jason Webley absolutely fantastic, but he and Sxip Shirey also recorded a video for their song “Days with You” there. I watched from the audience, but anyone who was wearing party-ish clothes (including Colleen and another friend) went up on stage to be in the video. Maybe you’ll spot her in the crowd scenes.

And since I only once every few years get my act together to collect addresses and send Christmas cards, instead this year, I made a mix cd for my friends. It’s songs by bands I discovered this year. Not all of them are new songs, or new bands, but they were new to me in 2009. Or, in the case of the last song, one that I didn’t realized I actually liked until 2009, though I’d heard it long before. Here’s the list for you to enjoy!

1.  Wake Up / Arcade Fire

2. Keep Yourself Warm / Frightened Rabbit

3. Contender / Pains of Being Pure at Heart

4. Speed of Sound / Chris Bell

5. You Are Free / Mates of State

6. Dominoes / The Big Pink

7. It’s Too Easy / Dave Rawlings Machine

8. New York City Heat / Dead Heart Bloom

9. Be OK / Ingrid Michaelson

10. Hellhole Ratrace / Girls

11. Icarus / Jason Webley

12. Island Garden Song / Mountain Goats

13. Upon Viewing Brueghel’s “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” / Titus Andronicus

14. Poker Face / Lady Gaga

15. Enjoy the Silence / Depeche Mode

Sweeping Music Is Really Hard to Resist

9 May

Last weekend, during some bonding time, my sister and I got to discussing some of the movie trailers airing on tv at the moment. Now, I realize that the whole point of trailers–and I guess marketing in general–is to manipulate the audience into wanting to see the movie. But there are a couple that so blatantly do it that I can feel myself being manipulated into considering a movie that I know I don’t want to see.

Like, say, The Soloist. I know that I do not want to see this movie. I cannot watch Jamie Foxx (I’m not sure what it is, exactly, but I just don’t like him). The story looks predictable and saccharine. I know, I know, it’s a true story, and I’m sure the true story is remarkable & uplifting, but the movie looks like its entire point is to play on the heartstrings rather than have any substance. But.

I do love Robert Downey, Jr. And there’s something about the song that they play during the trailer that every time makes me think, “Oh, well, maybe I should go see that.” And the one line they keep showing about having passion. But I’m staying strong.

The other one is the trailer for the dvd release of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I did see this in the theater. And while it’s a nice love story, that’s all it is, and I was disappointed and wish I could have those three hours and $12 back. I certainly do not need to spend another 3 hours watching it again. But that trailer! The sweeping music! The beautiful shots of cinematic love! Argh!

I know that there are lots of people who like, if not love, both of these movies. But I’m just not one of them, and so feeling like the trailers are trying to get not only those who will like the movie, but also those who won’t but can be falsely convinced they might feels icky to me.

On the other hand, one trailer that I think may be pretty brilliant is the one for the new Star Trek movie. I have never, ever in my life wanted to see a Star Trek movie. I have never watched the tv show. I know who Kirk and Spock and Picard and Scottie are because, frankly, who doesn’t, but that’s about all I really know. Yet, every time I see that trailer, I think “Wow, what movie is that? It looks pretty incredible.” And every time I’m surprised that it’s Star Trek. What makes this one different than the other two for me is that it doesn’t seem to be misrepresenting itself just to get viewers. It seems to be distilled into what it really is, but appealing to people like me, who wouldn’t normally pay any attention at all to a new Star Trek movie, as well as to its actual fanbase. I also always like “beginnings” stories, so that’s a part of the appeal for me. Maybe if I see it I’ll end up having an entirely different take, but right now…I kinda want to go spend my $12.

I mean, come on, check this out.


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