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Texas Tech Grad Former Sports Writer Alan Burton Publishes Mike Leach Book Of Quotes


STARKVILLE, miss – A Texas Tech graduate and former sports editor for Democratic Sherman, Alan Burton published his second book on current Mississippi state football coach Mike Leach over the summer.

The book, titled “Squib-Kick It To A Fat Guy Volume II… and 701 Most Memorable Quotes from Coach Mike Leach’s Playbook,” can be found online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Burton, who graduated in 1979 from Texas Tech University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in English, has written eight books on Texas celebrities, sports and music quotes, and a history of college football broadcasting in Texas. He is currently Assistant to the President and Director of Academic Communications at Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Burton said his decision to write a second book on Leach stems from Leach being the most interesting coach in college football.

“I think he’s the most interesting coach in college football because of his attack on air raids and his unique press conferences,” said Burton. “In these days of political correctness it is quite the opposite, which refreshes me. I think he says a lot of things that other coaches would like to say but are afraid to say. You could tell Leach is brutally honest when talking about his players, coaches, officials, whatever. Ultimately, it makes the game more interesting.

In this volume, you will learn about Leach’s take on a number of topics including music, his players’ lack of effort, his unique training methods, his disagreements with the media, his clashes with technology. and some officials from Texas Tech and a chapter that defies the imagination that is simply titled “Hemingway, Hot Dogs and Aliens”.

Burton said he hopes people will understand “that Leach is more than just a soccer coach, but a very intelligent person with a unique background and philosophy that works for him.” “At the end of the day, after reading the book, I hope people will say that they enjoyed it and learned something from it as well,” he said.

As for Leach and the Bulldogs, they finished the regular season 7-5 with a 4-4 record in the Southeastern Conference game and are preparing for the Liberty Bowl on Dec. 28 against Texas Tech. Burton said he liked what Leach was doing at Mississippi State and that the Bulldogs could have had a much better record if things turned out like this.

“I think he’s got the program on the right track,” Burton said. “A rebound here or there, and they could have been 11-1 instead of 7-5 this season. In fact, they probably should have been 11-1.