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The 19 best books on Greek mythology or based on Greek myths


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  • Exciting legends about Greek gods and goddesses have been passed down through the centuries.
  • These books can help you learn more about Greek mythology, from classics to new works inspired by mythology.
  • You can read more about how we review and cover the books here.

When I was a young reader, I came across a collection of Greek myths that sparked a lifetime of fascination with the Greek gods and goddesses and their heritage. Recently, more and more accounts of classical Greek myths are published, allowing readers to fall in love with these stories again.

Whether you are new to Greek mythology or have loved its legends for years, I have brought together the two meticulously researched accounts to help readers learn more about the Greek myths and fictional novels that intertwine Greek mythology in exciting new stories.

To put these recommendations together, I’ve looked to Amazon’s bestseller lists, highly rated Goodreads reviews, and my own personal favorites to deliver exciting books on Greek Mythology to any reader.

The 19 best books on Greek mythology:

Books to discover Greek mythology

Fiction based on Greek mythology