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The Bookseller – Rights – Zaffre picks up Hussey’s first adult thriller in three-book deal


Zaffre acquired Kill JerichoWilliam Hussey’s first adult thriller, in a three-book deal.

Publishing director Ben Willis has acquired all worldwide language rights to Veronique Baxter at David Higham Associates, along with Kill Jericho release scheduled for summer 2023,

In his first adult thriller, Hussey wanted to create a main character that reflected his own experiences, the publisher explains. Growing up in the traveling community as the son of a showman, he created the first traveling detective protagonist in the history of detective novels. And, like his hero, Hussey is a gay man living in this culture, with all its complexities, riches and challenges, all of which have strongly inspired his writing.

Scott Jericho is a troubled and resourceful detective who draws on the skills of his unique upbringing and heritage to solve a series of puzzling murders. Fresh out of prison following an assault on a violent suspect, former Detective Constable Scott Jericho is forced to seek refuge with the carnival family he once rejected. But then a series of murders bring him back inside; the inhabitants are massacred in a manner reminiscent of an old legend of the traveling fair of Jericho. Only Jericho can unravel the threads of this bewildering mystery – a mystery that will challenge the very core of its morality.

Ben Willis, Managing Editor, said: “At Zaffre we are always on the lookout for British mystery novels that push the boundaries of the genre, and William absolutely does that in Kill Jericho. It’s brilliantly fresh, beautifully dark, and utterly unique: a messy ride through the eyes of a detective protagonist like no other. I can’t wait to share William – and Scott Jericho’s – excellent mystery novel with the world.

William Hussey, author of YA books hideous beauty and outrage (Usbourne), said: “With Scott Jericho, I wanted to create a character I had never seen before in detective fiction – a tough detective from a traveling background.

“As the son of a traveling showman, I have always thought that showmen are born sleuths, with a sense of observation, deduction and a knowledge of humanity that comes naturally from their age-old profession. I also wanted to write modern mysteries steeped in the slightly gothic history of showpeople, while giving readers insight into what is still a largely hidden world. And unlike so much of what is written about travelers, this would be authentic insight that comes from a writer who grew up in “life”. »