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The Doors of Stone Speculation: Author Reveals Patrick Rothfuss’ Book Is Being Edited


Numerous honors have been bestowed upon American author Patrick Rothfuss for his contributions to the fantasy genre. The third part of this trilogy, Les Portes de la pierre, has been eagerly awaited for ten years after the publication of its predecessor. This time, another author left a huge clue regarding the book.

Is the book complete?

Popular fantasy writer Mercedes Lackey answered fan questions earlier this month on the Quora Q&A website. She revealed a crucial plot point when discussing Patrick Rothfuss’ future book in the trilogy:

As someone who shares a publisher, I can tell you with confidence that it’s with the publisher and has a release date.

Both Lackey and Rothfuss’s books are published by DAW Books, and both authors share the same publisher (Betsy Wollheim), however, Wollheim had nothing to do with the production of this particular book.

Unfortunately, it has since been determined that Lackey was not referring to The Doors of Stone. In response to readers’ requests for more information, Lackey directed them to Rothfuss’ short story The Slow Regard of Silent Things, which was published in 2014 and followed Auri as she explores the Underthing, the mysterious realm under the enchanted university where Kvothe is a student.

Rothfuss Updates

Patrick expressed his frustration with The Doors of Stone’s beat in a recent interview. That means he has a long way to go before he can call the book complete.

In December 2021, Patrick surprised his readers by releasing the prologue to his highly anticipated book. In January, Rothfuss told readers that by the end of February they could listen to the next episode of The Doors of Stone. As we are already in August, it is safe to assume that this target date has been missed. It’s a bit trickier than just delaying the book’s release date, because it’s a real lofty goal that many people contributed to but ultimately didn’t achieve. Readers were promised an entire chapter of the third book once the author’s popularity increased, but nothing new or significant has happened in this regard in recent months.