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The Flash Boss reveals the Reverse-Flash’s new reason for hating Barry Allen


Flash showrunner Eric Wallace reveals the Reverse-Flash’s (final) reason for hating Barry Allen.

Flash Season 8 will ultimately bring back recurring nemesis Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash, according to executive producer Eric Wallace, who says the villain has new motivation to take on The Fastest Man Alive.

Wallace, who spoke to CBR in an exclusive interview, said the return of the Reverse-Flash would follow “Armageddon,” the season-opening five-episode “graphic novel”. Thawne last appeared in the Season 7 finale, joining Team Flash’s battle against Godspeed, but also taking the opportunity to try and kill The Flash – and failing.

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Wallace says the show will pick up on that, but not right away, addressing Rick Cosnett’s imminent return as Eobard’s ancestor, Eddie Thawne. “Well, first of all, to temper expectations, Eddie isn’t in ‘Armageddon.’ Eddie is part of a separate graphic novel,” Wallace explains. “We have three graphic novels this year in Season 8. Knock on wood if we can pull off this gargantuan feat, but they all come out of ‘Armageddon’.”

The last moment with Thawne in the Season 7 finale showed him sneaking away stunned that his attack on Barry Allen didn’t work. “So at the end of last season, Reverse-Flash – he’s a pretty pissed off dude. Why? Because the Flash is faster now,” Wallace said – and that made Thawne’s determination to win.

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“If there’s one question that ‘Armageddon’ answers, it’s ‘Well, if you can’t outrun your enemy, what are you doing to beat him?’ This is where Eobard Thawne will begin in “Armageddon.” That’s really the question for him, and that question is answered throughout Season 8, in a weird and unexpected way. “

Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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