Home book seller The Point, May 9, 2022: Home prices in Gainesville are up more than 10% from a year ago

The Point, May 9, 2022: Home prices in Gainesville are up more than 10% from a year ago


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• WUFT News: The Gainesville Sellers Market is evaluating home buyers. “For two years now, many local buyers have been slowly squeezed out of the housing market. Gainesville, and the nation as a whole, is currently in a seller’s market. This is when the demand for homes exceeds the number of homes sold. Homes sell faster because buyers want to avoid competing with each other by getting into a bidding game. This scenario is advantageous for sellers because they can set asking prices higher than usual.

• Palm Beach post office ($): Florida COVID cases hit 2-month high, but hospitalizations remain low. “Florida has averaged 29,715 new infections each week since April 22, according to data released Friday by the state health department, the biggest jump since February 25. Florida hospitals averaged 981 COVID-positive patients per day during the week ending Friday, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services.

• WMFE: Florida hospitals are stuck in the middle of an ongoing battle over immigration. “The DeSantis administration is asking Florida hospitals to figure out how much money they’re spending on health care for undocumented patients.”

• Florida policy: Lauren Book’s multi-year effort is bearing fruit: baby diapers will be zero-rated from July 1. “Parents will soon no longer have to pay sales tax to keep their babies fresh and clean, as Gov. Ron DeSantis’ pencil stroke Friday granted tax relief on baby diapers and a host of other items. The sweeping tax relief package DeSantis signed on Friday will save Floridians about $1.1 billion in taxes.

• Florida Information Service: A Leon County judge will hear a request to block a legislative effort to eliminate Al Lawson’s seat. “The battle – at least the first round of it – will unfold on Wednesday, when Circuit Judge Layne Smith will hold a hearing on the motion for a temporary injunction.”

• Associated press: An appeals court reinstates parts of Florida’s new election law. “A federal appeals court granted Florida’s request to reinstate parts of the state’s election law on Friday as it appeals a lower court’s ruling that the law was intended to suppress voters. black. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals said Judge Mark Walker’s March ruling that the law intentionally targeted black voters was flawed. The three-judge panel said there was no evidence the law was passed with the intent to discriminate and issued the stay as the appeal continues.

• New York Times ($): Florida publishes reviews that led to rejection of math textbooks. “To explain its confusing rejection of dozens of textbooks, the state released 6,000 pages of commentary, revealing an often confusing and divisive process.”

• Tampa Bay Times ($): Florida’s child support “carousel” is draining parents and costing children. “The Department of Revenue struggled to secure family support, performing worse than 44 other states, according to the latest federal data from the Office of Child Support Enforcement. It failed to get 38% of parents to pay on time, which is lower than 35 other states. And payments for children have been delayed due to errors, missing information and legal issues more in Florida than anywhere else in the country.

• Washington Post ($): As the community veers to the right, political division tears Sarasota, Florida apart. “Residents here say this level of rancor in local government is no longer uncommon. From county commission meetings to neighborhood association rallies, Sarasota County has become an example of the depth with which the country’s partisan divisions bleed into local government, hampering relations between residents and their civic leaders.

• NPR News: A “space jellyfish” flew over Florida thanks to the launch of SpaceX. “Jellyfish are a common sight along the Florida coast, but people who watched the latest rocket launch from Kennedy Space Center were treated to a unique sight. SpaceX’s Friday morning launch generated a freak visual known as the “space jellyfish”, rewarding people who got up early to watch the Falcon 9 rocket launch with a striking sight: an ethereal cloud of illuminated gas, highlighted in the dark before dawn.

• Spectrum News: The beauty of Silver Springs is evident to all on a unique kayak tour. “…the best way to experience the springs might be with Get Up and Go Kayaking, and their unique floating windows into the depths of the springs.”

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