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The Role You Forgot Stana Katic Played On The Heroes


In two episodes of “Heroes” Season 1, Stana Katic portrays a character named Hana Gitelman. Hana has an ability known as “cyberpathy”, meaning she can hear, connect, and transmit electronic signals to various devices and transmissions. This allows her to spy on and intercept messages, while she can also interact with technology in various other powerful ways (via Hero Wiki).

In season 1, episode 16, “Unexpected”, Hana is revealed to be the person contacting Ted Sprague (Matthew John Armstrong), a radioactive man hiding in a cabin, via anonymous instant messaging. She arrives and convinces him to come with her to hunt down Mr. Bennet (Jack Coleman) and the people who kidnapped them both in the past – the Company – in order to destroy them. In episode 20, “Five Years Gone”, the series jumps five years into the future. Meanwhile, Hana is actually working with Bennet to help “heroes” or people with abilities, and their loved ones get new identities and hide from the government hunting them down.

Hana’s character has a bigger backstory outside of the show, as she is heavily featured in the accompanying “Heroes” graphic novel series, first appearing in “Wireless part 1.” Although she only appears a few times, Katic’s portrayal of Hana is definitely a bright spot in “Heroes” Season 1.