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The university core welcomes a new scholarship holder


Teacher. Roger Alfani, Ph.D.

Core University welcomes new Core Fellow, Professor Roger Alfani, Ph.D. Professor Alfani served as an adjunct faculty member of the School of Diplomacy and Core University for four years, but will join Core as a Fellow full-time and a faculty member for the fall 2022 semester. “Teaching at Seton Hall University for the academic core and the School of Diplomacy was not just about sharing knowledge or imparting information” , remarks Alfani, “It really means engaging with students who come from different disciplines and who are eager to learn and motivated to make a positive impact on this world. That’s the kind of passion I witness at Seton Hall. Passion for excellence, passion to lead and serve both locally and globally!”

Alfani comes to Seton Hall with a doctorate from the University of Montreal in religious studies and peacebuilding. He also holds a master’s degree from the same university in biblical studies and theology, where his studies focused on the Hebrew word “Ruah” (meaning “breath” or “spirit”) used in the Book of Judges. Subsequently, he continued his education and earned an Executive MS degree in International Affairs and Foreign Policy Analysis from Seton Hall’s School of Diplomacy.

Aflani’s book, Consolidation of Religious Peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is a study of the role of religious groups in peacebuilding in war-torn Congo. This publication led him to play a consulting role in an ongoing documentary production on the Congolese struggle for independence. Alfani also recently collaborated with Professor Jon Radwan of the Department of Communications on a paper “Communicating Transcendent Love: Interpersonal Encounter and Church-State Transitions in Fratelli Tutti,” which appears in a special issue on “Catholic Church–State Relations in Global Transition” in the journal religion.

A National Endowment for the Humanities Grant (NEH) recipient, Alfani is “so excited about the NEH Collaborative Fellowship that my colleague Nicole Eggers and I received. -confessional focuses on the role of religion in the lives of Congolese refugees through their experiences of flight and resettlement or repatriation. One of the main outcomes of this fascinating project will be to produce a co-authored monograph that will not only make a contribution to the fields of refugee studies and religious studies, but will also be a rich archive of refugee life stories. .” The hot topic of refugees through a religious lens will be a theme in a Foundation III course that Alfani is developing.

Known internationally as an expert on the history of Congolese politics, Alfani recently received two book offers from a leading academic press in the UK. With knowledge of reading and writing eight languages, including ancient Hebrew and Greek, Alfani also brings to his core courses an in-depth knowledge of diplomacy, culture and religion. The University Core is proud to welcome our dear colleague, Professor Roger Alfani, to his new role as Senior Fellow and we look forward to his future contributions to Seton Hall University.