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Tucson author crosses the country on virtual book tour | Home + Life + Health


Author Jillian Cantor signs copies of her recently published novel, ‘Beautiful Little Fools’ at Mostly Books on the east side of Tucson.

Jody Hardy

Bill Finley special for the Arizona Daily Star

The morning of February 1 began like any other in Jillian Cantor’s life: coffee, breakfast, helping get the boys to school.

But it was hardly another everyday day for one of Tucson’s most popular and successful authors. It was ‘pub day’, the day of publication, the day of the release of her 11th novel, ‘Beautiful Little Fools’.

HarperCollins bets it will be Cantor’s biggest seller yet. Harper’s first edition in the United States had a circulation of 100,000 – a significant number for anyone writing popular fiction. The book was released last month in Australia and was voted “Book of the Month” by the Australian Women’s Weekly.

Yet pub day came with butterflies.

“I get nervous every time,” Cantor said. “So I have this book that I’ve been working on and thinking about every day for two or three years. Then, finally, it’s all over the world that anyone can read it. I feel like I’m reading it. did in college finals. I did all that work. Now I’m about to find out how I did it.

There was a time when authors started pub days at the airport, embarking on book tours that included stops at bookstores, libraries and book festivals.

These mind-numbing adventures were founded by the COVID-19 outbreak two years ago, so today’s “book tours” are digital – virtual conversations shared with readers on Zoom, Crowdcast and Facebook Live.