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Valiant’s first graphic novel kickstarter hits goal in one day



It wasn’t long before Eternal Warrior: Scorched Earth found an audience via Kickstarter, as the publisher’s debut graphic novel has its supporters to thank.

Warning! Spoilers for Eternal Warrior: Scorched Earth

After sharing Valiant Entertainment’s first graphic novel with Kickstarter, he achieved his goal in one day. The next graphic novel Eternal Warrior: Scorched Earth will have to thank his supporters.

As Valiant Entertainment launches the first original graphic novel, the publisher has turned to Kickstarter for support. Starring familiar characters such as Gilad Anni-Padda and Tama among others, the epic story promises to satisfy fans. Since the characters were given new life almost ten years ago, they have been a mainstay of the Valiant universe. Eternal Warrior: Scorched Earth reunites writer Tres Dean with artist Alberto Taracido, colourist Rain Beredo and scholar Tom Napolitano, alongside cover artist Gerald Parel. The published preview describes the graphic novel of over 100 pages as “an epic and heartfelt story exploring the unique relationship between the Eternal warrior and geomancer, as well as the introduction of the ancient fire deity Raze, a brand new threat to the Valiant universe. “

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Shortly after the Kickstarter campaign launched on November 2, fans came together to make the pitch a reality, raising enough money to Eternal Warrior: Scorched Earth to reach his goal of $ 25,000 in one day. For now, it has topped that initial number with $ 38,644, and it still has the rest of November before it officially ends. The platform known for bringing together potential audiences to help realize a designer’s vision turned out to be the perfect venue for the project. Valiant Entertainment’s debut graphic novel will also include a special deluxe edition, and the campaign also offers contributors exclusive hardcover, with cover from Gerald Parel. The novel’s many levels of promise could have helped raise money from backers.

In recent months, the Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns have proven to be great outlets for creators to find their audiences. The sites offer writers and artists the opportunity to engage their fans, long before their stories are released to the world. By getting into the action early, readers are instantly connected to the creative process with the added benefit of receiving exclusive perks in return. As Valiant Entertainment will likely continue to develop graphic novels on the Eternal Warrior, there’s a good chance the publisher will be relying on backers through Kickstarter again.

With the $ 25,000 goal achieved so early, there could be new goals stretched in the months to come. While the creative team of Tres Dean and Alberto Taracido, among others, are working on Eternal Warrior: Scorched Earth, they have their fans to turn to for inspiration. While the characters have been a part of the Valiant universe for almost a decade, there is clearly a demand for more stories featuring the Eternal Warrior down the line. Thanks to the fans, Eternal Warrior: Scorched Earth be there soon.

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