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Wesley Snipes Reveals New Graphic Novel ‘The Exiled’ – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: Blade Star Wesley Snipes and his Maandi House Studios have teamed up with Gifted Rebels and PCB Entertainment on a new graphic novel, titled the exile.

The comic will follow Detective Niles “Roach” Washington as he pursues a serial killer following a fatal gas attack. As the killer plucks thorns from his victims using tools over 5,000 years old, the world banishes Roach for his theories. But his instinct continues to push him forward. With enemies on all sides and within, he wades through the darkness to find the killer and uncovers Earth’s darkest secret.

Rebel Entertainment / Gifted PCB

Adam Lawson of Gifted Rebels is adapting the comic book script from a story he created with Snipes and PCB Entertainment President Keith Arem starring Gabriel “Eskivo” Santos (Knightwraith) making art and Valentina Bianconi (seven swords, two moons) processing colors. Among The exiledUnique features of are hidden codes, which will be scattered throughout the graphic novel, providing access to digital collectibles and exclusive events.

The new project will be crowd-funded via a Kickstarter Campaign, launching June 21. Backers will be rewarded with a 140-page collector’s edition graphic novel, as well as a manga-sized “Go version” and an additional story set in the world of The Exiled, with day one backers also receiving a 120mm figure of Detective only for the campaign. Washington in action. Once funding for the project has ended, the book will continue to be published through Lawson’s Los Angeles-based graphic novel and board game company, Gifted Rebels.

the exile follows Arem’s collaboration with Snipes on a video game adaptation of the sci-fi action film the wreckerin which he starred alongside Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Sandra Bullock and Nigel Hawthorne, as well as his partnership with Lawson on the graphic novel, dead speed.

“Comics allow you to explore big worlds. Ever since BLADE, I’ve been drawn to origin stories and developing characters,” Snipes said. “Now I can build ‘Roach’ as ​​a character from scratch and I dig that.”

“I am delighted to be working with Wesley again. He’s a fantastic creative partner, and Adam and I love collaborating with him,” Arem said. “THE EXILE is a dark reflection of what’s happening in the world, and a chance for us to explore new conspiracies and stories.”

“This campaign will be aimed at backers who want to travel with us,” Lawson added. “They will receive their books first and in a format that no one else will ever receive.”

Snipes is an NAACP Image Award winner and a cinematic icon known for starring in all three New Line films. Blade films, based on the Marvel comics by writer Marv Wolfman and illustrator Gene Colan, and appearing on the covers of several editions. He had also made a turn in comics alongside Antoine Fuqua in 2010, with the limited series Nightfall for Radical Comics, and co-author of the urban fantasy novel, claw of god. The actor will next appear in the Chris Spencer comedy Back on the Strip. He has also recently acted in films such as Coming 2 America, Cutthroat City and Dolemite is my nameas well as series including paper empire, True story and What we do in the shadows.

Arem is a director, comic book creator and video game voice director who has brought his talents to the Call of Duty franchise, Spider Man, sleeping dogs, Yakuza, Final Fantasy and hundreds of other games. He created the To go up and Infex graphic novels, and also wrote and directed the feature film, The Phoenix Incident. His multi-platform company PCB creates content for interactive media, virtual reality, film, television and emerging media.

Lawson is a comic book creator, game designer, and television showrunner who wrote and created the graphic novels The Killing Diary, The eighth and children and monstersas well as the tabletop RPG game In pieces. He served as writer, director and showrunner for all four seasons of the YouTube Originals fantasy horror series, escape the nightand is currently developing two series at The CW, with her upcoming graphic novel, Jaw death, set to launch later this year. Lawson launched Gifted Rebels with Ari Weiner during the pandemic.

Snipes is represented by CAA; Arem by UTA; and Lawson by Plain Text.