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What if every black American had superpowers?



A new graphic novel from Dark Horse called Black Solstice imagines what it would be like if “every black person in America gained superpowers.”

A new graphic novel from Dark Horse Comics titled Black solstice imagine what it would be like if “every black person in America gained superpowers.” Oscar-winning writers from Two distant strangers, the story promises to be a stimulating adventure.

Dark Horse Comics is a leading comic book publisher known for telling original stories such as Hellboy, the Umbrella Academy, and Black hammer among others. Often deviating from typical superhero content, Dark Horse gave the creators a chance to say what it would be like if ordinary people had their own powers. From extra-dimensional creatures to orphaned children, the publisher continues to expand this simple premise with an upcoming graphic novel.


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Black horse comics announced that Black solstice will be a new story written by Travon Free and Martin Desmond Roe, with the art of Aremo Massa. After every Black American gains powers at the Winter Solstice, the new abilities disappear the next day. As the winter solstice approaches, the world is waiting to see if it happens a second time. The anticipation leading up to the solstice elicits a wide range of emotions. As the Wallace siblings, Kesa, Quentin, and Deja prepare for a heist, they count on obtaining their newfound powers so their plan can unfold accordingly. Black solstice should be released in December.

Originally inspired by a conversation on Twitter, the idea that people get superpowers at the winter solstice quickly took off. Recounting his main influence for the story, Travon Free spoke on Black solstice saying, “That journey began on December 21, 2020, when virtually every black person on Twitter started declaring, almost spontaneously, what a superpower they were going to get at the Winter Solstice. It was an incredible day, one of those moments that reminds you why you love the internet, where every post was smarter than the last and every emotional beat you can think of has been touched, from hilarious to disturbing to deep.

When Black solstice finally comes out, it will be the culmination of two years of many tweets and comic book fan ideas. Free developed their creative process with the original tweets saying: “… he kind of formed piece by piece, bouncing from tweet to tweet, and sincerity to irony in the weeks leading up to the Solstice when he just threw joy over everyone for everyone and has proven, once again, that Black Twitter is the most creative place in the known universe. Black solstice debuts in December 2022.

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