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Why Ben Napier compared his book publishing to therapy



Erin and Ben Napier pose together.

Home Town stars Ben and Erin Napier wrote the book “Make Something Good Today: A Memoir”, which was published in 2018. October 2021 interview on the “LIVE the Outbound Life” podcast, Ben discussed the memoir writing process with his wife.

Ben Napier discussed writing “Make Something Good Today: A Memoir” in October 2021

During the “LIVE the Outbound Life” podcast episode, which uploaded on October 10, 2021, Ben Napier shared that he and his wife had “a good friend,” who happened to be a literary agent. The famous carpenter explained that she approached the couple to publish a book shortly after the premiere of “Home Town” in 2016.

“She was like, ‘I think I can sell your story, you know, let’s talk about it.’ So we kind of had an idea of ​​how we wanted to write it and we had written about half of it. That was also the speed at which we wrote it, but it probably took us six months, ” Ben revealed.

He said he and his wife were able to write the book in a short period of time, as Erin had shared aspects of their lives on her popular blog “Make Something Good Today” for nearly a decade. Ben then compared writing memoirs to therapy.

“Working with our editor was a bit like therapy. I think because we were working on something and then he would say, “Okay, but can you dig a little deeper into that,” the father of two recalls. “So we would, then he’d be like, ‘Can you dive into it a little bit more? memory was special and important and what else was going on around. So it was incredible.

The 38-year-old also revealed that working on the book was “one of the most difficult things [he and his wife] never did ”because“ Erin was pregnant ”with their oldest daughter, Helen, and they were filming season 2 of“ Home Town ”while they were writing it.

Erin and Ben Napier talked about their book in 2018

While talk to Guideposts in 2018, Erin and Ben Napier promoted “Make Something Good Today: A Memoir”. Ben shared that they had “taken the title from Erin’s blog that she wrote every day for eight years.” Erin noted that she “was only documenting the little things that happened every day, but when you look through eight years, every little thing was connected and led to big, big, big things that were happening. [they] could never see it coming.

“This book is a memoir that I originally wrote for the diary, and then Ben has been living by my side all this time, so these are our two perspectives on all these little things that added up to really big things and it was about the way we blossomed where we planted, “explained the 36-year-old.” And how it takes a change of perspective to find joy in everything around you and in your career and in your city where you live. This book is super personal to us. It’s more like an album.

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