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Will there be a season 2 of Heartstopper? (Has the show been renewed?)


Heart stroke has finally arrived on Netflix! The new teen drama, which is the live-action adaptation of Alice Oseman’s bestselling graphic novel, is likely to become the next series to take the web by storm.

Full of coming-of-age stories and romance, the show has already captured the hearts of book lovers. We doubt it will take newcomers too long to fall in love with the series as well. After all, Charlie and Nick’s love story isn’t just adorable, but Tara and Darcy’s is too. Plus, there’s another possible romance that could get brighter in a second season.

But Heart stroke just released its eight-episode series, viewers are clamoring for another season with these teenagers. Who can really blame them? Who wouldn’t want to spend more time in the world created by Oseman? It’s a lighthearted adventure through the teenage years of a band that also takes time to work through the struggles every teenager goes through.

To be honest, the series is a must-watch. As such, a second season is exactly what fans have been hoping for. Here’s what we know about that possibility.

Has Heartstopper been renewed?

Currently, Heart stroke was not renewed. As mentioned above, it just released on Netflix, so there’s no need to worry. If you’re new to Charlie and Nick’s love story, you might be wondering if there’s more story to tell. The short answer is yes! Their live-action romance is adapted from a series of graphic novels, and Season 1 only tells the beginning of their stories and those of their friends.

So, while we don’t know if the show will get a second season, we can say there’s enough material to warrant one. We’ll keep you posted Heart stroke renewal news. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote for more Netflix news and coverage!