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X-Men Vs Avengers Movie Franchise Showdown Could Only End One Way


Since the advent of superheroes, we’ve wondered who would win if our favorite heroes faced off. The original ultimate showdown, of course, is Batman Vs Superman (or V if you’re that inclined). Since then we’ve had Hulk Vs Thing (the first franchise crossover in comics), Wolverine Vs Spider-Man, Captain America Vs Iron Man, Green Lantern Vs the GL Corps, and more. We even had the JLA vs. the Avengers (but we’re trying to forget that time). However, one of the biggest showdowns in comics has to be the X-Men Vs the Avengers. They fought several times, and the last – fight for control of the phoenix – almost destroyed the world. The lesson the Avengers learned: United mutants are stronger than United Avengers. But what if we had an X-Men Vs Avengers with their versions of the Cinematic Universe? This fight is very different.

The Avengers in the movie world are a closer family than in the comics

First round: who wins? (Images: 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios)

While the Avengers have close friendships in the comics, their film versions are a lot closer. This is why, for Captain America: Civil War, a difference in policy was not enough to separate Cap and Tony. It had to be personal. So when Tony found out Cap was keeping Bucky killing his mother in secret, compromise took precedence over anger. But when do they unite? When can they put aside their differences and work together? They are unstoppable. In Infinity war, the Avengers were divided, and not just metaphorically. We had a team on Titan, a team in Wakanda. For a while, Thor, Rocket, and Groot weren’t even part of the fight. Divided, they failed. Wrong. But when they fight Thanos together, they triumph. Of course, there are losses, but even the sacrifices wouldn’t have worked if they hadn’t come together.

For the X-Men, it’s completely different. An X-Men (Fox) Vs Avengers (Marvel Studios) with their cinematic counterparts doesn’t look good for the X-Men. And the first reason is that they are not a family in the Fox movies. While X2 could have the absurd name X-Men United (when did they go their separate ways? What exactly was united?), the Fox X-Men are barely friends. Most of them are colleagues. Of course, Jean and Scott are a couple and Wolverine falls in love with her, but it’s hard to imagine Storm, Beast, and Nightcrawler spending a lot of time together outside of the mansion. Hell, Nightcrawler doesn’t even stay with them in the original trilogy.

But how does this affect the battle? The X-Men can barely form a single plane together, as de-power Magneto in The last Stand. The Avengers would have figured this out before the fight even began. They are the plan.

The X-Men movie has heavier hitters, but against the Avengers they don’t have enough.

X-Men Vs Avengers Movie, Fox, Marvel Studios, Disney, Wolverine, Thor, Deadpool, Captain America, Professor C, Iron Man, Hulk, Storm, Hawkeye, Legion, Phoenix Round two: who (or what) survives? (Images: 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios)

Fox hasn’t exactly tapped into the superpower’s resources when it comes to the X-Men. Essentially, we’ve got four big hitters who could hold their own in one-on-one (or even one-on-ten) fights with the Avengers. Storm, Magneto, Jean, and Professor X. All cards on the table, Professor X is the most powerful character in either cinematic universe, but that won’t be useful in an X-Men Vs Avenger storyline. Although nowhere near as powerful a telepath as Charles, Scarlet Witch has just enough skills to distract him. Even if Xavier could control the minds of each Avenger, it would only take one for everything to fall apart. Wanda isn’t even the only Avenger who can do this. We also have Loki and Doctor Strange.

For the rest? Storm could certainly face Thor in a battle, but what about Thor and Captain Marvel? What would she do, hope Carol didn’t disintegrate Wolverine when he came to help her? And Eric could possibly do some damage to Iron Man and Captain America, but a plastic arrow from Hawkeye or a hug from the Hulk would sort that out. It’s not like Mystique can transform into something strong enough to defeat Banner when he’s angry.

Oddly enough, these are some of the New Mutants that could help the most. Dani could really screw them up, Magik could take on Doctor Strange, and Sunspot, at full strength, could challenge the Hulk. The problem is … has anyone looked New mutants? And are the New Mutants part of Fox? The last poster just said “20e Century Studios.

When it comes to film universe teams, the Avengers would beat the X-Men, but not easily

X-Men Vs Avengers Movie, Fox, Marvel Studios, Disney, Wolverine, Thor, Deadpool, Captain America, Professor C, Iron Man, Hulk, Storm, Hawkeye, Legion, Phoenix Third round: why not? (Images: 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios)

It wouldn’t be a clean fight at all. It wouldn’t be a six minute showdown Batman v superman disappointed us. And it wouldn’t end with one team walking away from each other, as Cap and Iron Man ended their fight. One significant difference is that the characters are much more comfortable killing people in the movies, especially the X-Men. It would take a death on either side to turn a battle into a bloodbath.

But when it comes to movie franchises, an X-Men Vs Avengers battle comes down to one key difference: the numbers. The X-Men would need more powerful mutants that Fox didn’t provide. Imagine if Legion could join the fray (this show was not part of the Fox X-Men universe). Or Vulcan. Maybe Kid Omega. Maybe even Hope Summers. The odds are more favorable for the X-Men with these mutants on the roster. But they’re not in the movie franchise. So, along with the characters in the film, the X-Men Vs Avengers showdown ends with an Avenger victory.

… But the comics? Well, that’s a story for another day.

What do you think? Who would win in the X-Men’s battle against the Avengers, using the movie listings? Share your thoughts, theories and justifications in the comments below.

(Featured Image: 20th Century Fox / Marvel Studios)

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